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I welcome you to the website of ARAVYS artisans. Discover the workshop I was born in, some pictures of other creations and all the information to contact my creators.

You will also find a shop with Lafleur, The Fox, Popaul, Bécassine ... It remains for you to choose which one you want!

Lafleur Marionnette
  • Aravys
    Puppets Creator

    Passionate about puppets and wood, we combine our artistic and technical skills to make on demand puppets with wire, rod, sheath etc ...

    Whether you are looking for a traditional puppet or rather a character straight out of your imagination, elements of scenery for the stage or the castelet, we will study with interest and passion the feasibility of your project, from design to design.


    We create, with you, a personalized puppet that looks like you.

    Character of your next show or decorative object, we make a sketch according to your specifications.
    After validation on your part, the manufacturing begins!

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  • Lafleur

    LAFLEUR is since the 17th century, the emblematic character of the Picard puppet theater, living element of popular culture.

    LAFLEUR is characterized by a franc spoken, mocking, joker, sometimes a little liar, but only for the good cause, a little too lazy and attracted by the big red, and the other women according to the reproaches of his wife.

    LAFLEUR has for motto: "Well done, good matcher and nothing else" With him, other Cabotans (translation of puppets in Picard); his wife Sandrine, his friend Tchot Blaise, Cadéseux Patapouf and Ch'graind Seclet (the gendarmes) and then Papa Tchuchu, Ch'Trite, Ch'Prance, Gégène and Popaul Calicot.It is said that LAFLEUR is cousin Picard de Guignol!

Et si l’on donnait des couleurs à Turlututu ?

29.05.2018 Et si l’on donnait des couleurs à Turlututu ?

Sentez-vous cette odeur de bois ?

29.05.2018 Sentez-vous cette odeur de bois ?

Et si l'on partageait notre aventure ?

29.05.2018 Et si l'on partageait notre aventure ?

Retrouvez Lafleur à La Halte des Gourmets

29.05.2018 Retrouvez Lafleur à La Halte des Gourmets

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